Top 5 Tips For Working From Home During The Summer Holidays

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 14th August 2018

Working from home can be particularly tricky in the summer holidays if you have children to work around, or clients away on holiday, making it a slow time of year income-wise. However, with some forward thinking and planning it needn’t be like that. You can make sure the holidays are just as productive as the rest of the year. Follow this survival guide for working from home during the summer.

Top Five Tips For Working From Home During The Holidays

  1. Planning ahead

This is the number one tip for a very good reason. Summer happens at the same time, and brings the same challenges every year, so you can anticipate that and counteract it. Perhaps summer is your quietest time of year because all of your clients suddenly disappear off on holiday. If that’s the case then you need to be prepared for that and make sure you don’t suffer a catastrophic dip in your business income. You might need to plan for childcare issues, or for your own holiday. You might need to plan to fit in projects and deadlines and you will need to plan for the dates your clients are away and out of contact.

  1. Managing childcare

If you do have children, finding them suddenly at home full-time for six weeks can present a real challenge, particularly if you operate your business from your home. It’s important to anticipate this and to have a plan in place. You need to balance keeping your business running with spending quality holiday time with your children while they are off school. Plan activities for them like children’s clubs, summer camps and trips to see relatives, for the days you need to work. Make sure you book everything well in advance so that you aren’t left in the lurch at the last minute.

  1. Enjoying the sunshine

One of the advantages of working as a freelance or running your business from home, is you can make the most of the sunshine – grab your laptop and head down to the beach or the nearest park so you can enjoy the summer while continuing to work. You could even combine a day out with the kids, with getting some of your work done outside – best of both worlds! Make the most of the flexibility!

  1. Be flexible

One of the great things about being self-employed is that you can work flexibly so if you do have the children home all day, then make the most of them while you can and switch your work time to the evenings, after they have gone to bed. It’s only for a few weeks so you can set your TV shows to record and make better use of your time to keep your business running while not missing out on that precious family time. Alternatively, get up a few hours earlier in the morning and make the most of that quiet time to get work completed before the rest of the household starts stirring.


  1. Use the time for business planning

If the summer is traditionally quiet as your clients go on holiday, and you have made plans to sort out any income shortfall which that might cause, then use the summer months wisely to organise the office, sort out your business admin and do some business planning for next year. Get your books up to date and do some goal-setting. Make the summer your strategic planning time.

While the summer period can present challenges with childcare, holidays, juggling work and family time, and avoiding any drop in income, it is also a wonderful time for celebrating success, goal setting, enjoying the sunshine and taking a step back. With a little forward thinking and planning, it is entirely possible to have a successful and fun summer working from home.


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