Writing Web Copy That Sells

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 10th September 2017

One of the things I notice repeatedly, when checking out competitor's websites, or looking for website copy ideas for new clients, is that many companies, particularly smaller start-ups or freelancers, make the same mistake every time. Check out my advice on how to avoid those mistakes and write web copy that sells.

How To Write For Your Audience

While it’s tempting to talk about your amazing experience, what makes you great, all of your qualifications and all of the great projects you’ve worked on, that shouldn’t be the first thing which clients come across.

There are so many websites out there where the home page is a huge photograph of the person and the copy is basically their biography. Who cares? If I’m looking for a web designer, I’m not interested in what school they went to, or what degree they have!

Customers coming to your website have a problem, or a pain point. They are looking for two things:

  • Someone who recognises and understands their pain
  • Someone who offers a unique solution which solves it

Show Your Customer You Understand Them

The aim of your website should be to show your customer you understand them. You know what they need and you get it. Talk in the language that they will be expecting, and demonstrate with your content, that you totally get where they are coming from.

That’s the first thing they need to read – not your shiny all-singing biography!

Talk about the problem they are having, and that you are the right person to help them. Share testimonials of how you have helped other people in the same predicament as evidence of you skills, rather than your CV.

Give Your Customer A Unique Solution

Once you have reassured your customer that you understand them, then you can go into the details of your unique solution. But again, there is a key pitfall to avoid when writing copy about your product or service.

Don’t talk about features – talk about benefits.

Let me explain. You need to show the customer how what you do, will help them achieve whatever they want to achieve. Don’t talk about your solution in terms of its cost, size, length, colour. Those are features.

Show the customer where they will be in the future once they have used your product, how it will help their business, how it will help them move from a position of pain/problems to a happy position. Show them the solution to their issues.

Copy needs to be aspirational, not descriptive. Show, not tell.

Take this example:

If you are selling holidays, your customer isn’t looking for a trip on an aeroplane and a bedroom to sleep in. They are looking to escape the humdrum of everyday life. They are looking for new experiences, relaxation, sunny weather, a chance to be pampered. Their pain/problem is feeling stressed out and tired.

Your solution is not a 40 minute plane ride and a room with a bed. It’s an experience, an escape, an adventure and if you look at any travel company website you will see these types of words and phrases used.

Sell the benefits, not the features.

So, if you are creating a new website, or refreshing the copy on your current site and aiming to increase sales and bring in more customers, then think about your services and products from their point of view.

Identify the why. Why are customers buying your product/service – what pain/problem does it resolve for them, and focus on that. Write website copy that shows your customers that you understand them, relate to them and how you can help them, rather than writing about yourself.

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