Proofreading And Editing Services

There is nothing more annnoying than spotting a typo in carefully written work (yes, that was on purpose!!). With lots of marketing materials being sent out to customers, it’s easy for spelling errors to get missed and the last thing you want customers to see are mistakes! Contact us today for help with proofreading and editing services for your business.

When you are busy running the business and focussed on bringing in the income, having time to sit and check through everything is just impossible. So let us do it for you with our professional proofreading and business services. 

Read our case study on proofreading marketing materials.

Whether you need ad-hoc proofreading and editing help for specific projects, or you’d like us to offer regular ongoing support for your business, then do get in touch.

Ongoing Proofreading And Editing Support

We understand how important it is that nothing goes out to your customers and clients without it first being checked thoroughly, to ensure there are no typos, spelling errors or grammatical issues. If you would like to outsource this service to us, then we can work with you on a monthly-fee basis. We can even discuss working in-house as part of your team, if it helps to support on a specific project.

For these services we charge £245 per day or £35 per hour, depending on your need, but if you have a small one-off project or document that you need help with then do get in touch for a quote.

We have also created a helpful blog post on proofreading with tips and tricks on what to look out for, which you can read to help improve your own proofreading skills: Top Five Things To Look Out For When Proofreading Work,

Please do get in touch if you need and help with a proofreading project.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

Whether you need help to write a leaflet, an entire website, or ongoing support with business writing or editing, we will deliver a professional, high quality service. Please call or email for a chat to see how we can work together today.