Quick and Dirty Guide to Repurposing Content

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 16th April 2018

One of the most common issues which businesses have when it comes to generating regular, fresh content, is coming up with ideas every single day, week and month to write about. If you work in a niche sector it can seem even more difficult to come up with ideas. Check out our quick and dirty guide on how to repurpose content instead.

Making content calendars and planning content subjects a few months in advance can really help to prevent the dreaded blank screen problem however there are a few other tricks which you can do to generate new content without having to come up with endless ideas.

What if I told you that for every subject idea you had, you could create at least four different pieces of content? You just need to use different media each time.

So, for example, if you run a yoga business, offering yoga lessons, you could decide to write about a particular kind of yoga technique which helps reduce stress.

The first step is to write the copy – you need to describe the move and how it works – so that people can read your blog and follow it.

So now you have a blog.

The second step is to get someone to photograph you doing the moves step-by-step so you can create a visual piece of content or infographic. This can be posted on social media like Instagram, Pinterest to share with your followers.

So now you have an infographic.

You can then use some of the free video software to turn your photograph sequence and audio from reading the blog copy, into a quick instructional video. This can be hosted on YouTube and on your website, as well as shared on social media.

So now you have a video.

You can then take the content from the blog, talking about how yoga helps to reduce stress, and turn that into a podcast, with links back to your video and website.

So now you have a podcast.

The same content, used in four different ways, allows you to reach a whole variety of audiences through different channels, without having to come up with a tonne of new ideas.

You can also take it one step further and break that content down to create individual social media posts. So if there were seven steps in the yoga sequence, use them to create a series of seven Facebook posts, seven Tweets etc…

So now you have social media posts.

You can also compile the best of your content into an Ebook or How To Guide, which you can then use as a resource for customers on your website.

So now you have an Ebook.

Another trick is to repurpose old content – if you have a bank of content that you have already created, just go back to it and see if you can update any of it. It might be a case of adding a new intro and conclusion, updating with some new research, or just making a short post into a longer version.

This is another great way to generate fresh content without having to wrack your brains. Take your old blogs and turn them into videos and podcasts and share them on social media, so you are generating new content all the time by recycling.

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