Is it time to outsource your marketing content?

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 25th June 2018

With all the beautiful weather we are having and the football on the television it’s the time of year when people sitting at work wish they could be in charge of their hours and be at home or at the beach enjoying everything the summer has to offer. Perhaps it's time to outsource some of your tasks?

Those who run their own businesses might have some flexibility but even they can get caught up with so many different tasks to do at any one time that their day runs away with them and the to do list is never ending. Is it time to outsource?

When it comes to finding a balance between getting tasks done, actually running the core of a business, and having a life, it can be very tricky indeed. There are so many things to do to help a business grow, and yet you also need to be looking after the business you have, at the same time.

I’ve met with several businesses over the past few months who are trying to juggle the clients they already have, with trying to then grow and expand the business through marketing, to bring in more new clients.

Marketing is something which all businesses know they should be doing but between social media posting, blog writing and trying to develop meaningful and relevant campaigns to attract in customers, unless you have an in-house person to do all this it can become overwhelming.

When businesses get busy with work, the marketing side is often left by the wayside, but if that business then finds it suddenly needs new clients for whatever reason, there is a gap and a potential problem.

Rather than peaks and troughs which coincide with quiet and busy times within the business, marketing should be a constant flow, taking place consistently and regularly to help establish your brand and get your business known and recognised.

One of the easiest ways to do this, to save your business time and money, while establishing a consistent approach, is to outsource your requirements to experts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to an expensive marketing agency either.

There are many small businesses such as Incredibly Good Writing, which can help you with content creation and planning, developing and writing regular blogs, press releases, email campaigns for your CRM system as well as social media content.

Why not outsource this side of things so you can relax, knowing everything is taken care of, carry on with the day job and maybe even get a chance to relax and enjoy the sunshine and sport!

So if you are struggling under a mountain of marketing yet to be done and are keen to attract new business in but don’t have the time to create the content which you need for your website or next campaign, then get in touch with us on 07525 394115.

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