How to check if your website content needs updating

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 14th October 2018

As the end of the year is drawing in it’s a time that many people use to take stock, review the past year and make plans for moving into the New Year. So if part of your marketing plans involve updating your website, it’s a really good idea to make sure the website content you have is still serving your business well.

An out of date website can cause your business reputation more harm than not having a website at all, as it gives customers a window into your company and if what they see are sporadic blog posts and information on products which are no longer available, it creates a negative impression.

So here are top five signs to look out for which indicate that your website content is out of date and it’s time to go for a content refresh:

  1. Blog posts and news page

Take a look at when your last blog post and last news item were posted on your website. If either item is over a month old then you need to update your content far more regularly. The ideal posting for blog posts and news is at least once a week to make sure it is current. This not only looks like you are making the effort, and are interested, but it also helps with your website SEO. If your last news item is last year’s office Christmas party then you really need a content update.

  1. Products and services

Are you listing any products or services, which you no longer offer or where you have a newer version now available? If so then you need a content refresh on your site. Make sure all of the products and services which you are currently marketing, feature prominently on the site and that you are not promoting anything which your company has discontinued. If this section is out of date this could be seriously bad news for your business.

  1. Branding

Have you had a rebrand recently and if so, did you think about the content on the site as well as the design? If you changed a name, or the way you talk about your products and services, does all of the website content reflect that change? Are you using all of the correct language on the site to match your new campaign work? It’s easy to miss things like PDF downloads, or product sheets on the website and end up with half your marketing looking slick but your website content letting you down. A content review can identify all of these potential problems.

  1. Dated content

Most content nowadays is designed to be evergreen so that it doesn’t have a date limit on it, but if you have blog posts talking about a product which is “coming out in six months” and a web page, talking about new services coming soon – but they have all already been launched, then your content is working against you. Likewise if your news is dated and features say, an industry show report from a show which was six months ago, this all immediately makes your website out of date and is potentially damaging.

  1. Language

Finally, have a look at the language used in your content  – is it outmoded and old-fashioned? Has your industry moved on but your website is still using jargon and keywords from two years ago? If so, then you need to consider updating and reviewing all of your pages. A simple rewrite of each page could have a huge impact on your website SEO and create a great impression on new and prospective customers, without the need to pay out for a whole new site.

Having outdated and old-fashioned content on your website can be very damaging to your business reputation, but it doesn’t mean you need to have a brand new website designed and built which could prove very costly.

Having a professional website content review will highlight areas where your content is working against you and can also identify new content which could be created to help improve your website, bring it up-to-date and add further value to all of your website visitors.

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