Five key ingredients for writing an effective press release

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 6th July 2018

While some may argue there is no longer any requirement for a press release, for the local media and magazines which rely on them for content there is definitely a role and a great opportunity for businesses which use them.

However, to make sure your press release does get picked up, leading to an article or even better, an interview with your business, you need to include certain key ingredients otherwise it will be spiked by the editors.

  1. A genuine news angle

This might sound obvious but your press release has to contain something new and relevant to the publication you are sending it to. It can be an event that’s taking place locally, a local business launching a new service, a new initiative or a new campaign but the key is the word new.

  1. The five W’s

You need to include all of the facts and figures the journalist will  need to write the story from your release so whatever the story is about, make sure you include the answers to the five W’s : Why, Where, When, What and How.

  1. An interesting quote

Facts and information are vital ingredients however, there needs to be a personal touch so a great quote from a real person can really bring the press release to life and also gives the journalist a taste of what that person might say if they were to interview them.

  1. A photo opportunity

Wherever possible offer the news publication the chance to attend and take their own photograph to make the story more interesting for them. If that’s not possible then try to send a good quality printable photograph with your press release.

  1. Contact details

The press release is really to attract the journalist’s attention to the main facts of the story and to encourage them to call to find out more, so make sure you have relevant contact details included on the release and that the person named is able and willing to answer questions. For example, don’t put down someone who is about to go on holiday, or who doesn’t know about the subject.

These are the five basic ingredients for any press release which you are planning to send out to the media. Make sure the story is relevant and select the media you are sending it to carefully – that way you stand the best chance of getting it published.

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