Creating Killer Content For Customers – The Inspire Phase – Part 2 of 4

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 12th February 2018

Content marketing has literally boomed in popularity thanks to the growth of the internet, with many businesses now relying completely on online traffic and growth to operate at all. With content marketing however, it’s not just a case of writing a load of blogs and social media posts and hoping for the best – well, not if you want your business to last anyway! You need to create killer content that works.

There needs to be a strategy and that’s where my comparison with content marketing as online dating comes in as there are four key stages to enticing in a customer, and each stage needs a different style of content and different approach to writing for it:

  • Attract
  • Inspire
  • Convince
  • Keep

This second post looks at the Inspire phase of content, and over the next couple of weeks I’ll be examining Convince and Keep.


Once you have your potential customers interested and visiting your website, you need them to engage with your products or services. So the Inspire stage would be encouraging prospective dates who have visited your profile to actually take you out on a first date. It’s an introduction.

Your aim here is to help to educate your audience so that they will want to try out your product. The type of content here is what is called Lead Magnet – it makes them want to try out the product or service and so they are willing to give you their contact details and take that relationship forward.

It’s about educating, encouraging and persuading.

There are a number of ways you can achieve this with content:

Firstly Educational Resources – give them something useful they can download in return for their contact details such as a case study, white paper, free guide.

Secondly Useful Resources – give them something they can use in return for their contact details such as a toolkit or a cheat sheet.

Thirdly Tripwire Offer – get them to buy a very low cost, but valuable offer, like a book for £5, and then when they buy it, take them into the next content page which will be for a higher priced item.

The important thing in this phase is that you need to show your potential customer that your lead magnet, whatever it might be, can solve a very specific problem for them.

The aim is to build trust in the relationship, let them try out your company for free or low-cost, so they begin to trust you and will come back to you again for more. You need that second date!

If you found this blog post useful but you’d like a lot more detail about how to write and create the content required during the Inspire stage, then keep an eye out on my Courses and Online Training page as I’ll be launching an online training course covering every aspect of Creating Killer Content for Customers, in each of the four phases, in March.

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