Writing Health and Fitness E-books

I had been working with Shaon in Australia for a few months, writing articles on a variety of topics, when he approached me to help him write E-books to be published on Amazon.

This was an interesting task. Shaon provided me with a template which he was using, and asked me to create various 7,000 to 10,000 word E-books on a number of topics.

I created cookery books which involved researching recipes in a wide variety of genres including Chinese, Vegetarian and some specialist areas including bone broth.

Each E-book had a very tight turn around of one week so it was a challenging writing project, particuarly with the amount of research that was required as well, but I do love a deadline.

I also helped out with E-books which other authors had created, where Shaon needed more content to be added in to the existing content. This was a slightly different challenge as I had to extend the content, and also adapt my writing and style to fit in with the original author.

But there is nothing better than seeing the E-books now available on sale, knowing that I was the ghostwriter who created them!

See what Shaon said about working with me on the Testimonials page.

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