Helping a Startup Coaching Business – Initial Web Pages

An established life coach who was struggling to set up a business website approached me on Facebook to help her establish a tone of voice and clarify her ideas to create some web copy.

I loved working with this startup business to help establish a brand new website. She had the design for some time but had been struggling with the words for months and came to me for help through Facebook.

After several telephone conversations it was clear there was a huge personal passion behind what she was doing and a personal story as well, some of which was making it hard for her to take a step back and write down the ideas as someone else would read them.

I listened to her description of the life coach support she could offer and she used the caterpillar to butterfly story several times, which was also her logo.

I took this as inspiration to create a set of initial web pages introducing her programme by focussing on transformation, change and copy which reflected her approach. This enabled her to finally put the website live to move her business forward.

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