Refreshing and Updating Website Content

Orb Online were working on several medical-focussed sister websites and needed to make sure all of the content was unique, and there was no duplication across the sites. They also needed some new content to be created.

This was an unusual task. The team trusted me to access the medical websites directly, so I could update the content live on the page each time.

This involved proofreading and rewriting every single page of both sites, and changing copy as and where required to ensure there was no duplication.

I went through the whole website and updated each section in turn, resulting in a pair of sister websites which had similar but unique wording on each.

I also created new content for both sites, writing pages to describe different health conditions, making sure all of the information was compliant and accurate. Again, this content had to be written for both sites in a different way.

The result was two similar sister sites containing unique but complimentary content so they would both stand out in the search engines.

You can see what Orb Online thought about working with me on the Testimonials page.


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