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A day in the life of a copywriter

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 18th June 2018

Have you ever wondered what life as a copywriter is really like – particularly a freelance? Many people imagine working from home is easy, sat in your pyjamas watching daytime television, but the reality couldn’t be more different!

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Accepting client feedback – why copywriting should be ego-free

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 11th June 2018

I belong to several online writer forums and it always amazes me the sheer volume of posts which appear from copywriters moaning about client feedback, complaining that a client had the audacity to change their work without telling them, or had the audacity to ask them to make significant edits.

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Discover your business tone of voice – a quick checklist

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 4th June 2018

Creating an authentic tone of voice which appeals to your audience is a really important start to creating your unique brand and telling your business story. It’s important to be yourself and adopt a tone which is natural and works for you, as well as your audience, whether it’s formal, friendly, chatty or empowering.

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Only write about what you know – common sense or myth?

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 28th May 2018

I was talking to a friend of mine this week who wants to write more and they advised me that they felt they could only write about what they know. I was pondering this as it’s often the advice given on writing courses as well and creative writing workshops – think about what you know and write about that.

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Making the most of national campaigns for content ideas

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 21st May 2018

This month I have seen much content being shared around Mental Health Awareness Weeks, including videos, case studies and advice, which reminded me of how these types of campaigns are a great source of content ideas for your blogs and marketing materials. You can create new content ideas for your business while raising awareness at the same time – win-win.

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IGW Podcast – Episode 17 – Launch of new £99 a month writing services

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 18th May 2018

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Incredibly Good Writing Podcast.

Today is a slightly different type of podcast as I will be launching my new £99 a month writing services to help save businesses time and money.

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New £99 a month business writing services announced

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 14th May 2018

Are you spending hours trying to write business blog posts, keep up with your social media content and create articles for your website, only to find you have no time left to work on your actual business? We have launched £99 a month business writing packages just for you – to save you time and relieve the burden.

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Are you planning a website content refresh?

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 7th May 2018

Is your website content looking a bit tired? Perhaps you have updated your brand messaging or moved your business positioning and need to bring the website copy up-to-date? Having a website content refresh could be the perfect solution.

If you are happy with your website design, but need it updated, then why not change the content as it will be far cheaper than having your entire website completely rebuilt, and could result in a major improvement in your search engine rankings.

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Run out of new blog post ideas in month five?

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 1st May 2018

It’s May 1st – start of a new month and moving towards summer, so how are you getting on with topic ideas for your company blog? Did you start the quarter with lots of excitement and enthusiasm which is now beginning to wane? Are you looking at a blank screen in despair? We can help if your blog post ideas have run dry.

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The difference between blog posts and news pages

Author: Claudine Weeks   |   Date: 30th April 2018

I work with many smaller businesses and one of the things which the management struggle with is being able to understand the difference between a blog post and the old company news page on the website.

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